Project Management

Advantages offered by Adex

  • A team of dedicated professional engineers and financial experts who tackle challenging projects in various market situations
  • Direct access to major manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and large end-users all over the world
  • Capacity to adapt to each project’s particular needs and requirements
  • Financial risk is transferred to a capable organization with 25 years of experience
  • All projects are guaranteed positive cash flow from start to finish given Adex’s access to its own financial sources as well as available bank syndicated lines of credit
  • Quality of components and equipment supplied is assured by Adex
  • The performance risk of assembly of the modules outside of the USA is assumed by Adex

Target Customers

  • Technical, engineering and financial related projects with secure multiple takeouts in the form of Stand By Letters of Credit ( SBLC ), Income Streams and/or other Collaterals
  • Projects requiring the transfer of performance risk to Adex
  • Projects requiring expert export logistics of sophisticated equipment and technology, that are not accessible to others without sufficient financial or technical knowhow