Chlor-Alkali Division

The “on-site” brine-to-bleach chlorine electrolysis technology that we offer is quickly gaining a strong presence in North America and Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. The explosion in demand in the municipal and “over-the-fence” markets bodes well for the future.

Adex International, Inc., (Adex), has gone to great lengths to understand the available proprietary processes and manufacturing know-how, which in combination with our innovative funding and financing capabilities can offer interesting solutions to established Chlor-Alkali producers and/or distributors.

Chlor-Alkali Projects
Through our strategic alliances with various key players in the Chlor-Alkali industry, Adex can supply and finance a complete turn-key Chlor-Alkali solution with production capacities that range between 30 and 120 MT/day of chlorine, caustic soda, and other derivatives. Adex offers cost-effective, innovative technologies and delivers fully automatic modular chemical plants producing on-site Chlor- Alkali derivatives (bleach, caustic soda, HCl, chlorine, basic soda, and related chemical products). Adex provides the buyers/end users the required project management, funding, financing, procurement, logistics, after sales support and warranty services for these turn-key plants.

Advantages Offered by Adex
· A team of dedicated professional engineers and financial experts who tackle projects in market situations
· Direct access to major manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and large end-users all over the world
· Capacity to adapt to each project’s particular needs and requirements
· Financial risk is transferred to a capable organization with 25+ years of experience
· Projects are guaranteed positive cash flow given Adex’s access to capital and bank syndicated lines of credit
· Quality of components and equipment supplied is assured by Adex

The products created in the process are used in the following industries:
· Chemical Industry Pulp and Paper Industry
· Industries with a high demand for Chlorine such as the petrochemical industry and plastics industry
· Industries with a high demand for Caustic Soda such as electrowinning and the pharmaceutical industry

Advantages of Chlor-Alkali-Electrolysis
· Low energy consumption
· No environment pollution by mercury or asbestos
· High product purity Ease of handling and operation
· Low investment and operating costs

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